Monday, December 22, 2008

A Lagana Christmas

Here are some pictures from the Lagana Christmas we had with Anthony's family on Saturday. We usually just focus more on getting presents for the kids and it is so much fun to see them so excited!

The twins got a play-doh ice cream shop set. It looked so fun, I wanted to play with it!
Anthony's mom
Now, I don't remember if Dallas is giving Grampa a gift in this picture, or getting one but either way he was just excited to be touching presents!
This is Nevada posing with a play castle we got for her. She is so cute! She definitely has the Lagana-pose-for-pictures gene. Even in the middle of playing with a toy if she hears that someone is taking a picture, she instantly looks up with a big camera smile. Almost every year Anthony gets a t-shirt with some kind of attitude phrase. Some of the past years included things like "My mommy thinks I'm special" and "When God made me, he was just showing off". I'm laughing because of how perfect my gift was: a booklight! Someone must know what an excessive reader I am.

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