Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Has it really been three years?

Today is Anthony and my three year anniversary!! Can you believe it's been three years already? Time has really just flown by :) Last night I was thinking over the past three years and how our marriage has changed. There are times when I watch chick flicks or read romantic novels that I feel sad that we don't have that new couple shine anymore, but now that I really think about it I wouldn't want to go back. There were definitely growing pains the first year :)

I think that I've also learned to let go of things. Before, I used to get so upset over small things because I thought that there must be some deeper meaning behind (like Anthony didn't respect me) and then I would get upset that I had to endure whatever it was for eternity! Now, I've discovered that Anthony is a guy, and there almost never is a deeper meaning. (Sorry guys, but you know it's true) Stuff I used to get so upset about, now I just shake my head, sometimes laugh, and say "oh well".

Anyways, we are off to Cocoa Beach for our anniversary + christmas with the in-laws. I'll be sure to post pictures later!


Happy said...

Happy Anniversary! Our's is on Sunday- 6 years!!!!! Crazy!!! And I so know what you mean- we would never want to go back to the first year either! I can remember being so blissfully happy and so frustrated all at the same time that year!

Happy said...

Happy does not know what she is talking about. She always said that was the best year of her life. She likes making people think that she was frustrated the first year just to make them feel better.