Saturday, April 15, 2017

Spring Break 2017

We kicked off spring break this year with a family trip to Legoland! The boys were so excited to go and sleep in a hotel the night before. A separate post with pictures from the trip is coming soon :)

Anthony took a few days off of work at the beginning of the week, planning on doing some shrimping. Unfortunately the weather decided to go crazy and it was rainy and cooooold almost the entire week. Seriously, it was the coldest it has been all year during the time when you are supposed to be going to the beach! So Anthony and his parents used his time off to really organize our shed. It turned out amazing! It is so nice to walk in there and be able to find everything you need right away. Anthony and his dad even rigged up a pully system so they could store the kayaks on the ceiling.

We had another visit from the gopher tortoise that lives in our yard. We brought out our tortoise to say hi to him, but he was too shy to come out of his shell.

We are taking the chicks out more and more now. This is the same one that was on James' shoulder a few weeks ago. Look at how much they have grown!

We were running errands and James found this fun St. Patrick's day section with funny hats and beards. It's a James leprechaun!

Our county has started this trend of painting rocks and hiding them around local parks for other people to find. There is a facebook page for it and everything. I've been following the facebook page for awhile, so we decided to go to the park and give it a try. We were looking around in every nook and cranny of the trees and park benches. We discovered this cool tree stump that looked just like a chair, so the boys had to sit on it.

The park has a large stone memorial and as we were walking around it, Anthony spied our very first rock find. It was so exciting!

James fell in love with it and wanted to keep it. We decided to let the boys pick one rock to keep and the rest we found we rehid in a different spot in the park for someone else to find.

As we were looking through bushes and landscaping for rocks, we stumbled on a duck sitting on a nest of eggs. It was so neat!

One of the parks we went to had a huge amount of rocks on the playground, so we picked up a lot of them and hid them in harder to find places. It is no fun when they are just thrown on the ground.

One of our errands was going through the car wash. Rett still hates the car wash, but he doesn't cry anymore. Instead he begs me for my sunglasses to wear so he can feel protected. I love this cutey pie!

These were the rocks we found and kept.

So we decided to paint some of our own! The boys painted a few really quickly and then they were done. Then I spent the next few hours painting mine :)

A few days later we took our painted rocks and hid them at a different park. I put the ladybug one in the tree. So fun!

Rett had his very first soccer practice for his first season playing soccer. In this picture he is pointing at one of his coaches and telling me, "Mommy, her name Amanda!"

James put his remote control jetski toy in our pond to give it a drive. It kept getting stuck in the lily pads, so he decided he needed to take it to the park by the river to play with it there.

St. Patrick's day fell during spring break, so they didn't do anything festive at school. Luckily the sneaky leprechauns found us anyway! James decided to write the leprechauns a note to tell them not to trick us ;)

In the morning we discovered some mischief around the house. The milk was turned green!

The leprechauns also painted some rocks and hid them around the house.

They left two bowls of lucky charms with just marshmallows for the boys and a map on James' note to their pot of gold.

But it wasn't a map to gold, it was a map to candy!

James always picks out the marshmallows of the lucky charms, so I thought he would really like this, but he wasn't a fan. I guess it is different when it is picked out for you.

My mom visited Daytona for bike week with her motorcycle riding friend. The boys loved getting to sit on the motorcycle. When it was time to get off James didn't want to get down!

James likes to hold the chickens while he watches tv. This afternoon he got a towel for her to sit on and put her next to him while they watched Moana. It was really cute!

At the beginning of March I got a huge bow tie order in my Etsy shop for 200 bow ties for a school in New York. The deadline for shipping them was at the end of spring break so I spent a lot of time and late nights working on it. I was so happy to finally be done and put them in the mail!! This is all 200 of them, 50 each of a different superhero.

At the end of spring break we realized that going to the movie theater was on our list of things to do and we still hadn't done it. So I checked the movie listings and the only kid-type movie playing was Beauty and the Beast in 3D. We had fun being at the movie theater but the movie was pretty long and James wasn't too fond of it. He kept asking when it was going to get funny :) Thankfully there was only one other person in the entire theater so it didn't bother me that they were kind of restless.

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