Monday, April 24, 2017

Donuts for Dads and Baby Quail

Anthony took an afternoon off of work to attend a Donuts with Dad appreciation event at James' school. All the kids got to eat donuts with their dads and they even sang a song (which Anthony said he couldn't quite understand what they were singing :) They had a blast together!

Just a few days before, our quail eggs hatched! I was getting a little worried when I took them out of the turner and laid them out a few days before they were scheduled to hatch. Usually the eggs kind of shake a little bit when I put them down, as if the chick inside is trying to get situated. I love to see that because then I know that it is alive in there! When I laid the eggs out this time, I didn't see any of them move I started thinking maybe none of them would hatch.

Then a few nights later we woke up to these five guys running around in the incubator.

Another one hatching:

And another one hatching:

Once they got started, they all started popping out and we ended up with 31 chicks!

A few of them started trying to hatch out of the wrong side of the egg, so I knew it would need some help getting out. After I peeled away enough of the egg shell so it could push its way out, I let James hold it while it hatched the rest of the way. The video starts right after it hatched.

We have to check their bottoms twice a day to make sure they don't have dried poop blocking their vent, which can kill them pretty quickly if you don't catch it or prevent it. I can't keep track of who I've done, so I just take them out one at a time and when I finish one I put them in this tupperware container. Can you believe they are so tiny that 31 of them fit in here with room to spare?

James just loves, loves, loves the chicks. He holds them whenever he can, in the morning, in the evening, watching tv, getting ready for bed. He will cuddle them and kiss them and will constantly say things like, "Awwww! They are so cute!! I can't stand it! I wish they would stay this little for forever!" One time I told him that is how I feel about him and Rett, that I wish they would stay little and cute for forever. He said, "Well I have to grow up. But how about when I get big I will just stay home with you when I am not working at the firehouse?" I told him it sounds like a plan :)

We ordered a variety of colors of quail but ended up with 27 white quail and only 4 other color varieties. Weird!

James snuggling at night with the chick getting warm under his arm pit. He is a great mother hen!

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