Thursday, March 23, 2017

James' Field trip to Wonderworks

The 1st grade and kindergarten classes at James' school had their very first field trip to Wonderworks in Orlando. I thought it was pretty ambitious of a trip for a first field trip, but it went great! There were 8 parents just from James' class who signed up to chaperone so you could tell that the parents were a little nervous about their little ones going on such a big trip :) Since there were so many chaperones each group only had 2 or 3 kids in it. This was my group: James and boy named Michael from his class.

The kids were sooooo excited to ride a charter bus to Orlando and back. They watched a movie and had the best time playing with the seats, pretending to be in a space shuttle.

The exterior of Wonderworks is built to look upside down. I'm not exactly sure why...we had a list of science questions to answer as we went around the exhibits but the kids were too excited to stop focus at each thing.

Look at these cute kiddos!! 

Included in their admission was lunch, one game of laser tag, and one time in the 4D ride experience. Of course, James made a beeline for the laser tag, they wanted to do that first thing!

Then we went over to the 4D ride that made it feel like you were falling down the great wall of china. It was really fun!

There were two more floors of science based exhibits with optical illusions, weather related experiences, a bed of nails, etc... This bubble station area was by far the favorite. We went back there a few times once we had seen everything.

James tried so hard to put himself in a person sized bubble.

The space area had a space suit you could lean inside, a command module you could lay down in and flip the buttons, and a cool zero gravity ride, but the boys were too small for the ride.

James loooooved this virtual air hockey game. Every time he would hit the puck on the screen and it would bounce away he would laugh and laugh and laugh.

After having lunch, seeing the exhibits, and going to the gift shop we still had some time left over before we had to get back on the bus. That last hour was the worst!! Trying to find how to entertain them and find things they wanted to do without getting too wild was hard. I was soooo happy to get back on the charter bus. We left the school around 8:30am and got back to the school around 3:30pm. It was a long day, but so much fun!

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