Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our first trip to Legoland!

I found a coupon online that made the tickets to legoland $30 a person, so we decided to go and make a mini vacation out of it and stay in a hotel the night before. All the hotels right next to legoland were booked up since it was so last minute, but I did find the perfect hotel just past Orlando. The boys were talking about going for days before, they were so excited! Each day they would ask, "How many more days until Legoland???"

Finally we were packed up and ready to go!

It was late Friday afternoon when we got to the hotel and the boys immediately wanted to check out the huge heated pool. They were also so excited that we were on the 7th floor and got to ride the elevator whenever we left our room. Spring break was probably the coldest weather we had all year, so it was great that the pool was heated. It was still too cold for Anthony though :) Everyone else was having fun in the water and he was in there shivering! The hot tub was more his style.

After the pool, we got back to our room and the boys got into pajamas and watched the Disney channel. Since we don't have cable, it was another exciting thing to do. There were two beds and a small sofa bed that James wanted because it was right next to the window, so Rett had this big bed to himself. He was right at home!

Early the next morning we got up to check out and go to Legoland! We wanted to get there right when they opened to try to beat some of the crowds. Rett fell asleep at 8 o'clock in the morning! I guess we partied too hard the night before :)

When we got to the entrance we had awhile to wait in line until we could go in.

Lego Batman came out to turn on the power switch to the park and let everyone in.

We decided to go straight to the back of the park and work our way forward to try to avoid the lines. As we were walking we got to go through mini-land with lots of lego city recreations. It was so cool! They even had a space shuttle and cape canaveral.

When we looked at all the rides online, James really wanted to do the driving school. They have two separate ones for different age groups. The older kids had a little driving "school" in a big room and then they got to go out on the driving course and practice.

5 years old and under just got to pick a car and drive it around in a circle. It was pretty slow and tame compared to how Rett zooms around in his power wheels at the house, so he looked a little bored.

Next we drove speed boats through a water course. It was surprisingly hard to steer! The boats aren't on a track, you really are the one steering it.

Next we checked out the flying school. It was an actual roller coaster that James was barely tall enough to ride. I was shocked that he wanted to do it, but he and Anthony got in line and went for it. I completely expected them to come back from waiting in line to say that James changed his mind, but they did it! James ended up loving it and insisted on riding all of the roller coasters in the park.

Roller coaster #2, a wooden one this time:

While Anthony and James rode roller coasters, I took Rett on a few rides or let him play some of the carnival games while we waited for them.

This was a cool airboat ride on the water and people standing at the fence can press a button and make water explode right next to boats!

Air bicycle/glider ride. I thought Rett was too short for this ride and then I realized I somehow mixed up how many inches he was and he actually could have gone. He was pretty scared of most of the rides, so I don't think he minded not going :)

Showing me his Dory he won at a carnival game.

This was a very small version of the tower rides that go up and then drop down suddenly. Rett was really nervous at the beginning, if you can tell from his face. Then he started loving it!

We went on a water ride thinking that we would just get a little bit wet and ended up getting drenched!! Rett cried the entire time, I think because the water was so cold. After we got off, there was a splash pad right next to us that James wanted to play in. Since he was already wet we figured, why not?

Riding the flight school roller coaster again:

Towards the end of the day we realized that we had ridden almost every ride except for this last roller coaster. The wait time estimate was 45 minutes, and the most we had waited for anything so far was 15. Anthony was feeling a little motion sick so I volunteered to wait with James and go on it just so he could say he did all the roller coasters. We got lucky and the sign was wrong, we really only had to wait about 20 minutes. This is us on the green dragon roller coaster!

After a stop in the gift shop, we started heading towards our car. I couldn't believe that we got there right when it opened and were leaving only an hour or so before it closed. It was so much fun! As we were heading out, we had to make a quick stop at the carousal. I watched James run up the stairs so that he could be on the second floor, expecting him to choose the wheelchair stationary seat as usual. But he went right up to a horse and got on! I guess when you ride roller coasters, you stop being scared of the merry go round :)

Rett didn't get on because he was conked out. We tired him out! 

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