Friday, April 21, 2017

Anthony Phone Pictures and Videos

I finally pinned Anthony down and got him to send me all of his pictures and videos from his phone. These are the ones that didn't really go with any other post :)

James helped Anthony sweep out our shed. It had so many layers of dirt and dust that it created a dust cloud when you swept it. So they wore masks.

Anthony usually puts Rett to bed at night and he started this routine with him where they tell "Once Upon a Time" stories. Anthony will start "Once upon a time" and let Rett help him figure out what happens next. Usually it involves rockets, race cars, or boats. Anthony took a video of trying to get him to go to bed one night.

We all went to visit the local dairy that we get our raw milk and our pork from. They are open every morning to the public if you want to watch the milking. They happened to have a lot of baby animals this time and they were so cute! Now Anthony is convinced that we need a miniature horse :)


Baby goats!!!

Anthony took James to the park by the YMCA so he could drive his power wheels on "the stage". James had been wanting to do this for days, so he was really happy it was actually happening!

James gave another talk in primary. The subject was choose the right and he wanted to make sure he mentioned his kindergarten teacher in his talk. He really loves his teacher!

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