Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Police Bike Ride

At the beginning of the summer our city had a ride your bike with a police officer event for the community. James was so excited to bring his bike to the park and ride with them! We got there a little late, and they had already left. We played at the park until they came back so James could say hi to them. He was kind of disappointed that most of them weren't in uniform, just exercise clothes. The community service officers were in uniform though!

He went around giving everyone a high five and we even got to meet the chief of police. He invited the boys to come tour the police station whenever they wanted to. He said just to tell them the chief said it was ok :)

Showing James his reflective gloves for directing traffic:

The slushie truck was there, so the boys got a slushie. Rett was kind of distracted by it.

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