Monday, August 8, 2016

Family Temple Trip

It has been so nice having Anthony home every other Saturday. It feels like I am finally getting a glimpse of what life is like when you have weekends together as a family! One Saturday we didn't have anything else planned, so we decided to take a trip to the temple with the boys and walk around. They had been talking about temples a lot in primary and I realized that even though we only live a little over an hour away, both boys had only ever seen the Ft. Lauderdale temple when we went for the open house.

It was hot, but we were excited to walk all the way around the grounds and explore. James saw the lizards everywhere and asked, "So do the lizards like the temple so much because God made lizards?"

It looks like they are being reverent for a prayer in this picture, but actually Anthony told them to look for ants on the ground so that they would be still and not run away while I took a picture :)

James was very excited to find this moth hanging out on the wall. I kind of made his day. He was being pretty cranky off and on the entire morning, but this just turned it all around. Thank you temple moth!

Holding the moth in his hands:

Showing Rett and letting him touch it:

I seriously want to take this picture and get it printed in icing on top of a cake so I CAN EAT HIM UP!

We went inside the lobby to use the bathrooms and get a drink of water. James was in awe! He crossed his arms and walked reverently and slowly the entire time and whispered. He saw the temple workers in their white clothes and waved at them.

Checking out Moroni:

After we walked around, we went down the road to the Deseret bookstore to get some church games and kids books. Since it was the day before pioneer day, if you wore any kind of pioneer clothes you got 20% off your entire purchase. Rett was the only one willing to wear the straw hat I brought. He looked like the cutest little Amish boy!

We bought some great picture books, some new CTR rings for the boys, and a few scripture story cartoon DVDs. It was such a great family outing, we definitely will have to make it a tradition from now on!

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