Monday, August 8, 2016

Horse Rescue and other Summer fun

One of our summer list activities was to take a trip down to Mims to a horse rescue on their weekly open house night where you can feed and pet the horses. We brought a bag of carrots and had a blast meeting all the horses, a donkey, and a friendly pot bellied pig.

When we got there some of the horses weren't inside the fence, they were just standing around by the cars, so we got to get really close to them.

I had to get a picture of this. While we were feeding the horses, James decided that he wanted to try a carrot and proceeded to eat half of it before deciding to give the rest to the donkey. I'm pretty sure he has never once voluntarily eaten a carrot since the baby food stage. Crazy!

Saying hi to the pig. They offered to watch her while the owners went on vacation years ago and the owners never came back for her. So now she hangs out with the horses.

When we got in the truck to leave, this horse was just hanging out right in front of it. Totally relaxed.

James also pilfered an apple from a bag of apples someone brought for the horses and started eating it whole. He has never done that! He has always insisted I cut it into slices first. I guess food rules go out the window at the farm.

We got the playdoh out and James decided to make a snake and then turned it into a beard. He thought it was hilarious!

Rett loves playing with playdoh. He usually gets as much of it as I will let him get out and then he starts stacking it and telling me what he is cooking me (usually cookies or applesauce). I got this video of him playing with it, but my favorite is at the end when he tells me he is making me applesauce. He does this excited happy face where his entire face lights up and I just love it!

Concentrating very hard on making me cookies:

Potty training has kind of stalled. I just can't get him to actually go on the potty! I will put him in underwear and he will go hours without peeing and then all of a sudden he runs up to me and tells me "Oh no! What happened?" after he has peed (even though we took many different trips to sit on the potty before then). When I ask him if he wants to go on the potty or sit on the potty I get "No!" or even sometimes a polite, "Uh, no thanks." I can bribe him with candy just to sit on the seat, but so far nothing past that.

Concentrating on lunch:

James didn't want to put on his school shirt at OT, so after we got home I got him to do it so he could hold one of the quail and I could text a picture him to his therapist. She loved it!

At night before we go to bed, we close James' door and one night Anthony found him like this. It is like he wanted to stay awake so bad, he thought "I will just stand up and then I won't fall asleep!"

He has been having a hard time falling asleep in a room by himself. He usually ends up needing to be in Rett's room or have one of us sit by him until he falls asleep. I made up a bed for him on the floor of our room so that he can sleep in there when he gets scared and so far it seems to be helping. Can someone please explain to me why kids fight sleep so much?? I am so tired all the time that I can't imagine passing up on sleep :)

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