Thursday, August 18, 2016

More Summer Adventures

Even though it is hotter than anything, these boys still need to get out and explore. I bring lots of extra water and try to get out earlier in the day so that we don't completely melt! We tried out a different park that had a trail to some water. Of course we had to throw lots of rocks in the water!

Checking out the boardwalk:

The water wasn't very clear, so we didn't get to see much, but the boys had fun throwing rocks they had saved into the water. James found an old bait shrimp someone left on the ground and he threw it in and watched the current push it toward the shore.

Chasing the fiddler crabs and trying to catch them without getting pinched. Rett doesn't like to pick bugs up right now, but he will touch it if James is holding it.

Our garden is growing!! My sunflowers are getting so big and are starting to open up. The okra is doing great too.

We borrowed a friend's wheelbarrow for moving the soil around in our garden and Anthony created the push the kids around in it game. They love it so much, they ask me to do it all the time. Thanks Anthony! :)

We've seen a lot of rescue kittens around town in different stores and James has his heart set on getting a kitten. I've been kind of toying with the idea of getting one, probably because I am so emotional over him going to Kindergarten that it is making me want a new "baby" to take care of. (Not a human baby!!). So we went to the animal shelter and held some kittens. So stinkin' cute!

James holding both of our snakes at the same time. If we have friends over, James will go right to the cage and pick them up to show them. He isn't scared at all!

Our snake eggs that Anthony found in the yard awhile back finally hatched! We didn't really think that they would because we handled them so much and we just had them in some soil on the back porch. Anthony checked on them and they were all buried in the soil.

So we dug them all out and placed them in our garden. They were pretty fast for being so small!

I love this cute face so much!! He is so fun to have around.

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Happy said...

Such cute kids! That's so cool that James will hold or pick up anything! Even Dallin is amazed by him and asks how he's so brave. I don't know how you manage to grow any and everything you plant, I can't get anything to grow! Tried planting some seeds a couple of years ago and they sprouted and died. Planted some flowers/plants in my garden bed FINALLY and 4 out of 4 out of the 9 plants died that week. I suck at gardening!!!