Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Time out for women & adventures

I had my first experience of going to time out for women a few weeks ago. I carpooled and shared a hotel room with some women from church and it was fun! I was worried that so many church-themed speakers would be kind of boring, but it was really entertaining and inspiring.

The first night the special guest was David Archeletta! He sang quite a few songs and talked a little bit. What a sweet guy!

While I was gone, my mom watched the boys. James found a toad Saturday morning and spent the day playing with it and putting it in different containers. My mom texted me when I was on my way home and said, "the toad is waiting for you...."

The toad is in the big drink cup in this picture.

James loves to play in the dirt patch in a corner of our backyard. The dirt instantly sticks to him and gets him so messy, even if he only plays for a few minutes. He came in one day from playing in it and when I told him to clean up before sitting on the couch, he insisted that he wasn't dirty at all. Yeah.

There was an air show in town for the weekend but we were too busy to go on Friday or Saturday. Sunday as we were leaving church we saw the planes in the air very close to us, so we drove to a parking lot to watch. It was perfect! Quick, no fighting crowds, leave as soon as it is over. I might have to do it this way from now on!

Rett and I took a walk while James was at school. Rett couldn't stop talking! He was asking me what everything he saw was called and before I could get it out, he was asking me about something else. So curious!

He got out of his car and insisted on pushing it the rest of the way home.

He spotted a caterpillar and had to get it. He also tried to pick up a beetle but it was too fast for him.

Anthony and I finally got bikes so that we could go on family bike rides. The first time we tried it out, we didn't have a seat for Rett, so Anthony but him in our hiking backpack. He doesn't look happy, but he really did enjoy it :)

After a lot of searching, we finally found a bicycle seat big enough for Rett that attaches to an adult bike. It was definitely a learning curve riding a bike with this guy in the back! I lost my balance and actually fell over at one point, but Rett wasn't phased. We were on our way to ride over the train tracks and as I pulled the bike back up, Rett was saying, "Train tracks! Train tracks!" over and over.

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