Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Easter 2016

This year the city's egghunt fell on a Saturday morning so I wasn't sure if I was up for taking both of the kids by myself. In the end we decided to give it a try and it actually turned out really well! 

James' age group and Rett's age group were on different fields so I let James go line up and wait by himself. I checked on him a few times and was so proud of him for waiting patiently and talking with the kids next to him.

At the two and under field with Rett, there were tons of eggs ready to be picked up.

Doesn't Rett look so happy to be at a fun event?? I swear I am going to make a collage of all of his grumpy expressions when we are out having fun.

Rett was so excited for each egg, he would stop and immediately try to open each one and eat the candy before trying to get any more. So he didn't collect many eggs :)

Trying to catch up after stopping to eat candy:

Then a train went by on the tracks right next to the field, so all egg collected halted while Rett watched the train.

Back at it, hopeful for some eggs after a 5 minute break to watch a train. Ummm, not likely :)

We walked over to James' field and checked out how many eggs he was able to get.

He found some friends from his preschool class so they decided to sit down together and check out what they got in their eggs.

The city photographer tried to get a photo of them looking at their eggs. James was suuuuper into it.

The Easter Bunny didn't hold back this year! We decided to try an idea I saw online of putting everything in an opened umbrella instead of a basket. The boys loved it! What is it about umbrellas that are so much fun? They had a blast playing with them and twirling them all around.

This was Rett's. He also got an awesome wooden train set that was 85% off at Bealls Outlet. Score!

James got a lot of fun things, including extra magnatiles to add to his set from Christmas, a magnatile building idea book, and a swimsuit with a real drawstring waist so that we don't have to make belt out of a shoelace so that his other one will fit around the waist.

After church, I went outside and hid the easter eggs that the Easter Bunny left for us to have an egg hunt with. The boys had fun, but we had so many eggs that I think they were getting kind of tired of picking them up. James even left before all the eggs were gone to go inside to start opening them up.

Rett found a golden egg with a dollar coin in it!

Checking out the loot:

Because we were all just getting over being sick, we didn't have family over for Easter dinner. Instead I took a nap and we had pancakes for dinner. It was so relaxing! We missed seeing everyone but it was also nice to spend time with just our family.

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