Wednesday, April 20, 2016

James 1st Soccer Game and General Conference

James missed his first soccer game of the season because of a friend's birthday party and the next week was spring break, so it was a while before his first soccer game. He wasn't excited about being the color black this year instead of green. He has the same coach as always and his team name is the Whales.

For some reason he isn't having as much fun with soccer this season than he has in the past. He drags his feet when it is time to go to practice or games and he isn't as excited to play. We are thinking that it might be because he doesn't have as many friends to goof around with on the team as he has had in the past. When it comes to the actual playing of the game, it seems like he has a hard time focusing on the ball when all the kids are running around him. I think we are going to investigate other sports for him that might not be as chaotic and difficult for him to focus.

I usually plan ahead for General Conference with activities and ways to track topics that are discussed, but this year with spring break, Easter, and everything else I didn't even think about it until the Saturday morning of conference. So I packed the boys into the car and we went to the Dollar Tree. I let them pick out a treat or activity for each apostle and member of the first presidency, so 15 different ones times 2 (one each for James and Rett). They had so much fun picking out soooo many things that were for them. Somehow we ended up spending $50 at the dollar store, which I think is a feat in itself!

After we got home, James helped me separate the treats and activities into different bags and I added my general conference pictures to the front of the bags. Every time a new speaker came on, James would get excited and say, "Is that one of ours??".

One of the bags had paints and Rett was all about it. Man that kid loves coloring and painting! He would choose each color carefully and then carefully decide where to put it on his paper. I love watching his brain work while he creates.

We left the train set up all weekend while we watched.

One of the things they picked at the dollar store were these plastic gumball machines. I filled them up with jelly beans and James ate a few and then saved the rest for later. I think he still has them hidden in his room somewhere. He is just like Anthony he can save treats for forever! Rett is just like me, eats it all right away until its gone :) James found one of my headbands and decided to wear it on his forehead the entire weekend. When Anthony came home, he told him that he looks like Nephi, which James thought was hilarious!

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