Friday, April 22, 2016

Snakes and Boating

A few weeks ago James and Anthony were getting something out of our shed in the backyard, when James spotted a snake! He was so excited to see it, he immediately got Anthony to catch it for him. Anthony set it up in an empty aquarium and then he and James went back outside to catch a lizard for him to eat. They have been having so much fun with our visitor!

James is loving checking on the snake every day and everything about it he is fascinated by. He loves it when the snake flicks its tongue out at him.

The snake has gotten used to us enough that it will let Anthony or James hold it. James loves it! Notice how different the snake looks in this picture compared to the other ones? I was worried that it might be getting sick since it started to look kind of gray, but Anthony knew right away that it meant it was getting ready to shed. Sure enough, after a few days we had a snake skin for James to take to school for show and tell.

Anthony built this enclosure for his blueberry plants this year so that once they are ripe, we get to eat them instead of the birds. It has been working great! We've been able to pick a few blueberries so far this season.

The internet was down at Anthony's work, so he unexpectedly had the day off! We decided to celebrate by taking the boat out for the first time with Anthony's new truck. We had so much fun!

Rett wasn't a fan of wearing his life jacket :)

We fished for awhile but none of us caught a single fish, not even a small one! Right before we left Anthony caught a sting ray, which was better than nothing.

I took James to his new school for kindergarten registration. We met the principal and I filled out a huge stack of paperwork while James went with all the other kids to the kindergarten classroom. I wasn't mentally prepared for him to just be whisked away. Usually I try to prep James and the person who will be watching him before something like that, so I was nervous the entire time about how he was doing. For an hour and a half the kids took turns playing and being evaluated by the teachers to see which class they should be placed in. When we finally got home it was way past James' bedtime and I was still unsettled by the idea of him going off to school all day in just a few months. I let him snuggle in my bed and I said to him, "I think you should just stay home forever and play with me all day". James sighed and said, "Well, that would be fun, but I have to go to school. But on the weekends and when I am sick I will stay home with you and snuggle in your bed". I couldn't bring myself to make him go back to his bed, so he stayed and slept with us that night. No more growing up!

Rett and I were playing with play-doh and I kept noticing his long, gorgeous eyelashes. I mean, look at those things!!

I was trying to get Rett to finish his lunch and he kept goofing off and putting this hand towel on his head. He would get it on there and then say, "Mommy yook!! Yook! I a doggie!"

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