Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Break

We had a low key spring break since we were all sidelined by allergies. The pollen lately has been out of control! I ended up with a sinus infection that made my entire face hurt for over a week and Rett ended up with an ear infection. Both boys had a cough, and both of them vomit when they cough too much, so we had a lot of cleaning up to do.

So we stayed home a lot, watched a lot of Netflix and every once in awhile ventured outside of the house. Usually I regretted it :) We did go to the park most days, at least for a few minutes. James insisted that we "go for a hike" through the woods next to the playground.

These boys love it when daddy comes home! He gets bombarded as soon as he walks in the door.

One of our neighbors across the street gave us a large bin of legos that her church was getting rid of. We were unprepared for the sheer quantity of legos! Most of them go to specific sets and aren't the traditional lego pieces that we are used to. The boys had fun playing in the chaos for awhile and then I couldn't take the mess anymore and I put them all away. I'm still not quite sure what to do with them. Put them away for a few years?

The library had their annual lunch for all of the volunteers and I brought the boys with me. This year it was a cowboy theme and for the entertainment they had senior citizen line dancers! It was fun, but after 40 minutes of watching basically the same line dance over and over, we sneaked out :)

Anthony took a day off of work so that we could spend a night away in a nearby hotel. One of the mystery shopping websites I signed up with had an opening for someone to do a night in a hotel for free in exchange for spying on the hotel, so I signed us up! I told Anthony they lucked out with us as evaluators because our standards are sooooo low. Anything kid free seems like paradise :) Anthony's parents came over to stay with the boys and they had a blast!

Going for a bike ride with Mimi: 

Playing at the park after we got home:

Soccer practice:

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Happy said...

So sorry about the allergies, that sound miserable!! And I've only had one sinus infection it I couldn't believe how painful it was! The mystery shopping at the hotel sounds amazing!