Monday, October 6, 2014

Anthony's 36th Birthday

Anthony's birthday was pretty laid back this year. We had a busy day planned on his actual birthday, so we scheduled the family party with his parents a few days later. The morning of his birthday I got up earlier than usual so I could make him blueberry pancakes: his favorite!
I made extra for the boys. Rett got blueberries all over him!

After Anthony got home from work, it was about time to get James ready for his soccer game. It just so happened to be picture day, so we had to be there a full hour earlier than usual. It was a mad house! They schedule all ages of soccer teams for pictures in the same room, 15 minutes apart from each other. It was so crowded! The photographers have to take individual pictures of each kid and then a team picture in just 15 minutes. Yeah. Not happening. When it was finally their turn, James' team lined up on the wall outside of the room. They looked so cute in their uniforms!

James was very cooperative for his picture and smiled every time they asked him to. The only problem was that when he does a camera smile, he always closes his eyes! They kept asking him to smile and keep his eyes open and he would open his eyes, but drop his smile. Then they would tell him to smile and he would, but his eyes would be closed again. I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out :)

After the pictures we rushed over to the soccer field where the other team was waiting for us to start the game. This was the first game of the season since the one the week before was canceled due to bad weather. James did pretty well, he only pushed one kid (blah. Could have been worse I guess), and he only ran off the field twice. The last time he ran off the field he was in the middle of playing and all of a sudden I didn't see him anywhere. I looked and looked at all the different kids with green uniforms and I couldn't find him. Finally Anthony spotted him playing on the bleachers. When he went to get him down, James was in the middle of asking an older couple to move so that he could run around on the back row :)
After we came home from the soccer game, Anthony opened the present my mom and James picked out for him. First he got a Spanish greeting is our new tradition:
Then James helped him open a mortar and pestle for making his spice mixes. He dries the peppers from our garden to make his own hot spice mix, but he has a hard time grinding them fine enough. Problem solved! Funny enough, I also ordered him an electric spice grinder for his birthday. Now he has both :)
The night of his birthday party celebration with his parents, we decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant. Of course, Anthony got the birthday sombrero and complimentary ice cream :)
Happy Birthday Anthony!

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Happy said...

Sounds like a fun time, wish we were there to celebrate!! I'm sorry I forgot to call until it was too late, I did text him but was waiting for our whole family to be home to call and sing, and then forgot when we all were home and suddenly it was too late to call. :( I was thinking of him though! If only we lived closer so we could party together!