Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall Soccer Pictures & Search for Elephant

 Last week we got James' official soccer picture for this season. They managed to get a picture with his eyes open!
 Here is the team picture. It always makes me smile because you can totally see the kids personalities in it :)
We have two more games left in the season and then we will be done with soccer for awhile. Doing spring and fall season back to back was a little much for us, so I think we decided to just do one season a year from now on. Next year we will do the spring season and skip the fall season because James will be starting Pre-K in the fall. Can you believe it??

On a quick trip to Walmart, James said he needed to use the bathroom so I took him to the family bathroom. It was my first time in there and I couldn't get over how cute the little toilet was! James loved it too :) I just had to get a picture of it.

James is having a hard time keeping track of his things lately and a few Sundays ago he brought his favorite stuffed animal, Elephant, to church and lost it almost immediately. I mean, we walked in with it and it was gone before we sat down in the chapel. By the time we got home, we all had forgotten if he had even brought it with him to church! Of course, nap time rolled around it we couldn't find it anywhere. I even drove back to the church by myself to see if it was stuck behind a chair or something, but I didn't see it anywhere. When I got home, I posted this on the ward's facebook page:
 A few hours later, the primary secretary (who happens to be the bishop's wife) texted me and said she thought she saw it in the lost and found in the library. Since it is locked, we figured Anthony would just pick it up at cub scouts on Wednesday. The next day, out of the blue, the bishop texted me and said that he was in our area and wanted to bring Elephant to James. Isn't that sweet? He said it was his most important errand of the day :)

James was soooo happy to see Elephant. He couldn't stop hugging him:
 Then they got into a bucket together:
For days, James would randomly say, "I sooo glad the bishop brought me elephant!" Crisis averted!

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Happy said...

Oh my gosh, the bishop bringing the elephant to James made me tear up a little. That was SO sweet!!!
YOUR COSTUMES!!!! I'm dying!! They are so amazing!!! Did you make them all?? Did people go nuts over them at the trunk-or-treat? Our ward didn't have a trunk or treat by the way, just a "fall social" with dinner. NOTHING for the kids. Um, I'm not going to brother dragging my 3 kids to a dinner by myself with nothing for them to do- kind of disappointing.
James getting a serious face and running fast when people would call him Superman is probably the cutest thing ever. Oh my gosh, I can't stand it!
So cool about being in the newspaper!
Oh, and I'm all, "A boat chair??!" So it's an exersaucer? Genius!