Thursday, October 16, 2014

Visit with Great Grandma & Library Fall Festival

Sunday we drove down to Cocoa to visit Anthony's grandmother. We decided to visit outside in the front yard of her assisted living facility and let the kids run around. The kids had a blast! James loved running around with his cousins, as usual :) Of course, it helps that they often bring him boxes of toys they have grown out of of!! Every time we see them, it is like Christmas for him. This time we came home with a play pop-up tunnel, a box of car tracks, a marble run set, and a bunch of toy cars and planes. They have become the new favorites around here :)
 Anthony ran around with the kids and tried to hide in the tunnel. James took the opportunity to jump on him!
We put a blanket down for Rett to crawl on and he spent a lot of time sitting and playing with some Easter eggs Anthony's mom brought for the kids to play with. He would pick one up, observe it, throw it away, and then search for another one.
This year I started early and made the entire family Incredibles costumes! Yesterday the boys got their first chance to wear them at the library's fall festival. I signed up to volunteer and help out with the festival, so Anthony came to do all the activities with the boys.

Rett only tolerated the mask long enough for the pictures. As soon as we got into the car, he cried and pulled at it until it came off.
 Rett stayed in the stroller about half the time and had to be held the other half. He is going through a rough stage where he doesn't want to sit or be held, but he doesn't walk yet so we can't let him down or he will get trampled.
 The festival was Harry Potter themed, so I wore my Harry Potter costume and was the professor in charge of the house bookmarks. First you get sorted into a house and then you come and make a matching bookmark. James just picked his favorite color, green.

 They also had a yarn maze that was a "spider web", a bean bag potions game, balloon animals, and bags of every flavor beans. The original plan was for Anthony to take the boys home and leave me there to finish volunteering, but they had such a good time they ended up staying for the whole thing.
We are going to debut the entire family Incredibles costumes at the ward trunk and treat, so stay tuned for some awesome pictures!

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Happy said...

How did I not comment on this? I LOVE the costumes- too dang cute!! You're so good about family costumes! Every year I tell myself I'm going to do something like that next year but never do. And I love that first picture of James sitting on the grass- gorgeous picture!!