Saturday, September 27, 2014

Everett is 1 year old!!

We made it! Rett is officially a 1 year old!
Taking pictures of him was sooooo hard. I'm glad that this was the last of the "onesie" pictures. He will not sit still for one second!! He couldn't look at the camera, there was just too many other things to check out or explore.

James tried to help me take the pictures and he even brought his own toy camera to use. He requested a picture with the two of them together and this is the best I could get. Rett kept trying to crawl away and James was getting mad that Rett wouldn't sit still in his lap.
We came inside and I tried to get a few of Rett smiling by putting him in their new favorite toy; a long narrow box from the package to our new TV. It fits both boys and they like to be pushed or dragged around in it. James calls it his "canoe".

A few days later, I decided to give in and finally trim Rett's hair. It was looking sooo scraggly, but I didn't want to part with his curls!! I saved them and his hair is still noticeably curly when it isn't brushed like in this picture. I love that I have a curly haired little boy! When I was pregnant with him, I remember telling a friend that I hoped he would have dark curly hair.

He is such a happy little baby and is quickly turning into a little boy! He stands on his own for a few seconds now and is in motion almost all the time. His top two teeth are slowly making their appearance, so sometime soon he will be the proud owner of four teeth! He loves leaning on people or putting his forehead on them. If you put your head near his, he automatically leans in. He also loves to take things out of places and put them back in: drawers, boxes, bags, cabinets, you name it. He bounces and dances when he hears music, but also when he is happy about food :)

He isn't bothered or scared by loud noises, when I vacuum he crawls around and follows me and tries to check out the vacuum cleaner. He loves playing with James and watching him run around. Sometimes he gets excited and tries to keep up with him, but most of the time he just sits and watches in awe.

We love watching our sweet little baby grow up, he is such a joy to have in our family!

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Happy said...

I mean, come on, that kid is SO SO cute!!! Happy birthday to this sweet baby, I can't believe it's already been a year!