Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Fun

 We are famous! There was a photographer at the library fall festival a few weeks ago and of all the pictures she took, one of the Anthony and the boys made it into Sunday's paper. Those costumes were a hit!

Since we have been talking a lot about Halloween and costumes, James has had days where he insists on wearing a costume all day. One day he wore his Superman costume all day, to the park, to the grocery store, and even out on the boat!

He got so many comments from people walking by. They would act surprised and say, "Look! Superman!" Then James would get his "serious" face on and run really fast so that his cape would fly out. It was so adorable! At the grocery store we even had people talking to him from their cars as they were driving by. I guess when you dress in a superman costume you are officially a celebrity!

Rett liked the swings, of course.
 So James decided to push Elephant in the swing next to us.

That afternoon we all went out on the boat. Rett got to try out the boat seat we used to use with James. He loved spinning around and trying all the new toys.
 James was excited to help Daddy drive the boat.
 Then it was time for some serious fishing. James has gotten pretty good at casting his rod and reeling it in. He gets really focused and determined and will do it for a good amount of time. Of course, with Anthony for a dad, can you expect anything else?

A friend invited me to a fall festival fundraiser at her son's school, so we spent a Saturday morning checking out all of the activities. I decided to bring the big stroller with me this time :)
 The party train was there, so of course it was our first stop. James loved it and didn't want to get out when it was over. I had to promise that we would come back and do it again later.
 Rett waited patiently and watched while James had all the fun. I think he is plotting all the mischief he is going to get into once he can keep up with James.
Another favorite was a large inflatable slide. You paid once and the kids could go down it as many times as they wanted until it got too full. After 10 minutes James got a little too rowdy with the other kids, so I had to put an end to it. He didn't mind though, because he was ready to go on the train again!

 Saturday was our ward's trunk and treat and we debuted our family Incredibles costumes! James ran around saying, "I'm Incredible!"

 It was a great party, but of course kind of hectic trying to keep track of both kids and keep them both happy. Rett was hungry and tired and didn't want to be put down and I lost James about 10 times. There were activities inside and outside of the church and he kept running inside or outside without us realizing it. There was a bouncy house, food, carnival games, a fog machine inside the church with a spooky hallway with a tunnel full of black lights and spiders.
 At the end, everyone lined up to trick or treat at the cars. We decorated our car with pictures of Syndrome (the villian from the Incredibles) and we had nerf guns to shoot at the pictures.
 I even brought a pack and play so that Rett could sit in it while Anthony passed out candy and I took James around to the cars. He was happy in it for a little while, but then got really fussy and Anthony ended up having to hold him anyway. All 21 pounds of him!
 Right after it was over, we packed everything up and I took the boys home while Anthony stayed to help clean up. Since they didn't really eat anything at the party, as soon as we got home I put them both in pajamas and set them at the dinner table to eat some real food. By the time I got them both in bed I was beat!! Halloween activities are fun, but so much more exhausting with kids :)

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