Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring is here!

It is officially spring, we had our first real beach day of the year! We have gone a few times just to walk around and for James to run in the waves, but this was our first time of the year with everyone in bathing suits, sunscreen, beach toys, etc... It was a beautiful day! We went with our friend Summer and her little boy Layton. Anthony and her husband were roommates in Gainesville before we got married and we all got married around the same time and now we are in the same stake!

The boys were two peas in a pod, running around, chasing waves, and borrowing other kids' unattended beach toys :) Seriously, I don't even know why we bring our own toys, they always want to play with someone else's.

I love that we live so close to the beach! It is so easy and convenient to just pick up and go whenever we want to. When I see all the tourists at the beach it reminds me how cool it is that we live where people vacation!

Another fun sign of spring showed up in our backyard. Anthony was weed-eating around our shed and he saw a stray cat bolt out from underneath it. We have seen this cat around a lot and I assumed that it belonged to our next door neighbors. She likes to hang out under our cars and she has even let us pet her a few times. Anthony turned off the weed eater and he could hear a lot of meowing coming from under the shed. He peeked in and saw kittens!

They are the cutest things ever!! So tiny! Their eyes weren't even open, which means that they were less than 8 days old. Just that day I got some free dog food with coupons so that I could donate it to the humane society, so I decided to just drive over there with it and ask their opinion about the kittens. They said that since they don't have enough people to foster kittens that young if we were to bring them into the shelter now, the best thing to do would be to let them stay with their mom and nurse on her while we make sure to play with them and socialize them. Then when they are about 6 weeks old and wean from their mom we can bring them into the shelter and they assured me that they would get adopted. Anthony is already hinting that he wants to keep the mom cat, but I am dead set against it. No more animals! Taking care of two kids is hard enough! :)

So far the mom cat hasn't let us get near the kittens, which I guess is a good thing because it means she is taking care of them. I lured her out with a can of tuna yesterday and she loved getting petted. I did that a few different times during the day and she always came out to see me. One time I tried to see if I could distract her and grab a kitten, but she caught on to what I was doing and nipped my hand a little bit. She definitely doesn't like it when you get close to her babies! We are going to keep getting her to come out and get petted, that way when the kittens are older and can walk around more they will just follow her out. I've read online that they will just follow what the mom does, so as long as she is comfortable around people, they will be too. It is so hard to wait, I just want to get my hands on those fluffy balls of fur!

This isn't really spring related, but I have to add some cute pictures of my smoosh. Man I love this kid!

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Happy said...

Ahhh, the beach!! I miss it so much!! Can't wait to go soon!! That's so fun about the kittens under your porch! My kids would go nuts! Can't wait to see you guys!