Sunday, April 13, 2014

General Conference

This year I wanted to do something fun for James to help him get excited about conference and start to learn to recognize the prophet and the apostles. I found this packet online that had a printable page for different topics and pictures of the first presidency and the twelve apostles. The idea is to find the picture of the speaker and when you figure out what their topic(s) is, put their picture up on the right page. There are three pictures for each person so that their picture can go on multiple topics.
It also had a topic page for you to print out and tape candy to so that they can pull off a piece whenever they mention the different topics. The predetermined topics didn't match up very well with what was talked about (next year I think I will pick my own topics), so we ended up just doing one piece of candy per speaker. James got so excited every time there was a new speaker! He would ask if it is was time for his "prophet candy" :)
 Anthony went fishing in the morning, so I took the boys out into the yard to play in the water before it started. I really wanted James to get as much energy out as possible before having to sit relatively still for so long.

Watching the hose fill up the pool:
Rett observing:
 We came inside and got cleaned up and I got all our lunch and snacks ready, along with blowing up the air mattress for lounging. It turned into a bouncy house for James, but either way it kept him in the room.
 Popcorn, snacks, and a mountain of laundry for me!
 Rett loved the "bouncy house" too! :)
 My boys:

 Giving Rett a hug and a kiss:

 At the beginning of the second session I got a picture of everyone looking at the TV, Rett included. Amazing!
 We had a great conference weekend. Anthony and his parents went shrimping late Saturday night so they slept over and joined us for Sunday's session. It was so wonderful to relax and listen to the speakers! I loved to watch James get excited to see the prophet, even if it was mostly for the candy :) A few days ago we were getting in the car and he said, "Mommy, can we watch conference at home?". I said, "Sure honey! We can watch conference any time!". He replied, "And eat prophet candy??" :)

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Happy said...

Love it, good job on the conference set up! Our conference morning did NOT start out well, the kids were fighting so bad and being so horrible, even though I printed out cool stuff for them to do, that I had to send them to their rooms! I was so mad! Great way to start out conference, huh?! :)
Looking at little Rett laying on that air mattress just melts me, just makes me think of how amazing it is having a baby. I love having a baby so much, I'm sad that period of my life is drawing to a close! (Okay, yes, I realize my baby is actually a toddler now, but he's still a baby to me)!