Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cute Baby Alert!

I cannot get enough of this cute little face! I want to squeeze his cheeks and all of his juicy bits pretty much 24/7! This past week he has started sitting up much better by himself. He still throws himself over sometimes so I keep the pillow around him, but he will sit for the longest time as long as he has a toy and someone to entertain him :)
I love to watch him observe and discover things. He gets such a thoughtful look on his face, and his eyebrows go up and down. It is like I can see him thinking, "Ooooohhh, innnnnteresting". James is so sweet with him and loves to demonstrate how his toys work. However, now that Rett actually grabs and holds things we have started to have the "share with your brother" reminders. During bathtime tonight, James even took all of his bath toys and pushed them over the edge of the tub onto the floor so "Rett doesn't get them". So James would rather not play with his toys than risk the chance of Rett touching them. Ahhh, sibling love :)

I got a video of Rett playing with a toy while we were sitting in the backyard. Usually towards the end of the day we move out there and try to get James to run around for awhile :) 

I need to get a video of the other trick Rett can do. He can reach down, grab his pacifier and bring it back to his mouth! Seriously, it is the best thing ever!! As long as he can reach his pacifier, I don't have to worry about giving it to him because he can get it himself. So cool!

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Happy said...

I'm glad you warned me, I may have passed out because he is too cute!!! I can't wait to see him!!