Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fun lately

The weather has been too beautiful lately and James always has too much energy than we know what to do with, so we have been taking longer and longer bike rides around the neighborhood. One morning we found a sidewalk we haven't explored that goes by a really large retention pond. James loved being able to ride without having to constantly look for cars and once we got to the water he would constantly stop to climb off and look at the water for turtles.

We found baby turtles on a log!

 I told him to run back to his bike and race towards me as fast as he can. He always thinks he is going "super fast!"
 James saw a lizard on a mailbox, so he jumped off and he actually grabbed it! I can't believe how he has no fear of those types of things: lizards, bugs, toads. The lizard was able to get away, but I told James how impressed I was that he was able to catch it. He told me that he got it because of his "poky fingers":
 He puts his poky fingers out and tries to sneak up on the lizards:

James got invited to a birthday of a little boy we met at storytime at the library. They had it at the Little Gym and James had a blast! He loved running around on all of the equipment and he especially loved the blue cupcakes. He licked all the icing off and didn't want anymore :)

The night of the lunar eclipse, I was going to bed and saw that the eclipse was going to be visible at 3am. I chuckled to myself and told Anthony, "No way am I waking up for that!". Well, as it happened James woke up at 2:30am screaming. When I went to check on him, he had gone #2 in his nighttime diaper, which had created a bad rash that was hurting him. He hurt too much to let me wipe him with wipes, so I had to put him in the bathtub to get him completely clean. Rett woke up and fussed for a little bit too, so after everyone was finally tucked back into to bed, I was sufficiently awake to go outside and see the eclipse. Silver lining :)
 This is a picture of our stray momma cat. She loves to come out for food, but she will also come out just for some petting.

 Pushing at my hand for more petting:
The kittens are growing and getting cuter and cuter by the day. They have their eyes open now, but they still aren't very mobile. I can't wait for them to start exploring so we can play with them more often!

We had a long rainy day last week and James spent a lot of the day watching TV. I knew he needed to get outside, so I decided to take him out to splash in puddles. He put his rain boots on and we started walking. At first he was confused when I told him that it was OK to jump in the puddle, but he caught on really quick! He had such a good time! When he would find a really large puddle on the side of the road, he would look at me and ask, "Is it too big, Mommy?". When I would tell him it was okay, his face would light up like I just gave him the best present. It was priceless :) On the way home he found a big stick and would poke around and explore the mud. Now he asks all the time to go outside and splash in the puddles. He gets so disappointed when I tell him that the weather has been too good :) 

On another bike ride James decided to ride with "no hands" like curious george! He did have them farther up in the air, but by the time I got my camera out he told me that he had to keep them on the handles so he wouldn't fall. He also likes to steer his bike from left to right and back again. He calls it "doing tricks".

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Happy said...

A lot of great stories in there! I laughed out loud at James saying he caught the lizard b/c of his pokey fingers, and then the picture after that made it even more funny! And his bike "tricks"- so funny!! And I can't believe he caught a lizard! He must be fast! And brave! I'm sure having Anthony for a dad helps. My poor kids are big wimps and won't touch any sort of bug or reptile, I guess since Jared and I won't either. I've always made a huge effort to never act afraid of anything like that and always act like they're so cool and get my kids to come look at them and encourage them to catch them, but I guess they have picked up on the fact that Jared and I never actually attempt to touch them ourselves, so, we've created wimpy children just like ourselves. Sigh.
The puddles story was too cute! And awesome that you got to see the lunar eclipse, too bad it was for a slightly rough reason! (Man, can you believe how much work it is to be a parent?!? I'm constantly shocked by it).
Cute boys you've got there!!