Monday, May 13, 2013

Pregnancy Journal: 20 Weeks

There is not much to report pregnancy-wise, just growing and growing! I still need to figure out where to find some good, comfortable, knee-length maternity shorts. Any ideas? I can still wear my regular shorts pretty well, but some days I really feel like having that extra give and stretch and the support from the big bands at the waist.

Saturday was my official 20 week mark and I celebrated by doing my first 5k in over 3 years!! A few girls from my ward are serious runners and they told me about this fun 5k that was being held at a u-pick blueberry patch about 20 minutes from our house. Even though I do not run, it sounded like fun so I said I would do it with them. That was 2 weeks ago, so not too long to train :) I tried a practice run around our neighborhood last week pushing James in the stroller and it just about killed me. My back was hurting the entire day afterwards and while I was running I felt like I could feel the joints in my hips scraping against each other (which is what has been causing my insane hip pain). I kept thinking, "what did I get myself into??". Each time after that was much better though, so I was still looking forward to the race. I decided to take it easy, walk when I needed to, and just have fun, and I did!

Here we are after the race. The two girls I came with finished about 20 minutes before me. They are so fast!!!

Since the race was Saturday morning and Anthony was working, I brought James with me in the jogging stroller. He loved it, of course! There was only one other person pushing a stroller in the race so I felt extra tough :) I also didn't notice any other pregnant women so I have declared myself the fastest pregnant woman at the race! The first two miles were around a nearby neighborhood on the pavement and went really great, I averaged about 13 minutes for each mile. The last mile was brutal!! It was on a trail around the farm, made up of deep white beach sand!! Can you imagine pushing a 27 pound toddler in a stroller through deep sand?? All of the walkers I passed during the first 2 miles ended up walking right past me as I inched my way through the sand. It was probably pretty hilarious to watch! The last mile took me about 20 minutes and I finished right at 47 minutes. I was just so happy that I finished! Afterwards all the participants got to pick a pint of blueberries to take home, but of course all James was interested in was their farm equipment :)

Here is a picture of all of us that showed up from our ward:
I was really impressed, one woman got 1st place overall for women runners, and the other two got first place for women in their age group. And I wasn't even last place for my age group, so woohoo! We all came out winners :)

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