Friday, May 31, 2013

Bless you honey!!

Ever since James has really started to talk and communicate with us, he has been saying and doing the cutest and funniest things! The other day I started realizing that I probably need to write these down because otherwise there is no way I am going to remember this stuff.

Whenever I sneeze, James will look up and say "Bwess you hunee!", using the exact same inflection Anthony uses (since that is what Anthony says to me when I sneeze). I think he thinks that that is what you say to someone who sneezes: "Bless you honey!". I hope he always says it that way!

James has decided that it is fun to be a "good helper" and loves to pick up random things and hand it to us and say, "Helper!". Yesterday he climbed up onto my bedside table and started piling every single thing that was on there, including about four books, onto my body and face, all the while saying, "helper, helper, helper!"

Before we found out if the new baby was a boy or a girl, I would ask James, "So do you want a brother or a sister?" Each time he would look at me thoughtfully and say, "Car". I think he is going to be a little disappointed :)

I don't remember when exactly it started, but James all by himself named his pacifier his "boppy" and our rule is that the boppy has to stay in the crib and is only for napping and night time. He has started pointing out pictures of people sleeping in books and will look at me and say "boppy?", like he doesn't understand how they sleep without a pacifier! He does the same thing to animals that he sees sleeping, and yesterday Anthony tried to get him to pretend to go night night and James wouldn't do it, saying he needed "boppy".

James is obsessed with bouncy houses!! He can't stop talking about them! He loves to jump around and then throw himself to the ground and roll around, all the while repeating, "bouncy house, bouncy house, bouncy house, fall!!" If you ask him what you do in a bouncy house, he gets all excited and will start jumping and then throw himself to the ground.

In the morning when James starts to tell me "ready go", I will usually ask him where he wants to go (just because I am curious what he will say). He has never answered me except for once when he said, "See Jaxton (his little friend from church), cookie". I guess he wanted to go play and get a cookie!

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Happy said...

Awww, that is all SOOOO CUTE!! I LOVE the "bwess you hunnee". Melt your heart! The boppy thing is so cute too, I love how he doesn't understand how someone, especially animals, could go to sleep without it. And wanting a car- haha!