Thursday, May 9, 2013

More swim lessons and a train ride

At our last swim lesson, I forced Anthony to be the one to get in the water with him. I just couldn't make myself get into a swim suit again. It was not happening. Anthony really didn't want to do, he kept trying to convince me that we should just skip it all together. It was pretty cold and overcast, but I wanted to try to go as much as we could since the instructor cancelled 3 out of the 8 lessons (she said she would call us to reschedule but she still hasn't called...)

I was trying to convince Anthony to act a little less unhappy to be in the pool so that James would get used to it faster. Anthony couldn't stand the water!! I think it was 72 degrees that day!
James was not feeling lessons today. Almost everything Anthony did he was unhappy about.
 They brought out noodles for the first time for the kids to use and James was not happy about having to let go of Anthony's arm to hold on to the noodle.
Once they got into it, he started to like being pulled around in a circle by Anthony. He would laugh and giggle and then seem to remember that he was unhappy (or was supposed to be) and start crying again.

At the end of the lesson they have the kids pretend to be monkeys and inch their way along the wall towards the shallow end where they can touch their feet. For some reason James hates this part. Pretty much every time he has been like this:

Once they get to the shallow end they spend the last 10 minutes playing with diving toys, having us throw them in the deeper water so that the kids will bend down and get it and (hopefully) put their face in the water. James will get close but then he just tries to get it with his feet. He also really liked doing elephant bubbles with the noodle:
 There's a happy face!! I think he was happy because he was getting out of the pool!

My mom came to visit last weekend right as we got a bunch of stormy weather for a few days in a row. I am so not used to having so much all day rain! I was at a complete loss over what to do with James, all of my activities we do to get his energy out involve going outside. Finally we decided to head to the mall in Daytona Beach to do some window shopping and have James play in the indoor playground. He loved playing in the playground with all of the kids, but as soon as we told him that we were going to ride the train later he was ready to go! He immediately rushed over to the shoe rack, got his shoes, and was trying desperately to put them on so he could go on the train. It was so cute!

Once he picked a train car for us and we all got inside, this was his face. Total awe:

 Checking it all out:
 My mom taught him how to wave out the window at all of the people walking in the mall and he loved it! He waved whenever he saw someone out the window.
 Look at this precious boy!! I just want to gobble him up!

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Happy said...

I thought I commented on this one, but I guess not! The story about Anthony and the water was funny. I am the same way, I CAN'T STAND getting in the water unless it is blazing hot outside. Which it is NEVER here in Utah, so even in the summer time I don't enjoy swimming like I used to. When Teya and Dallin did swim lessons, Dallin cried through the whole first swim lesson, then cried during the second lesson until the teacher said to him, (nicely, but matter of factly) "You don't need to cry. Stop crying. You're fine." He stopped and was fine during all the rest of the lessons! haha!
James is SO adorable, I especially love the picture of him on the train. I wish so much that we lived close to you guys!!