Monday, November 5, 2012

Volusia County Fair

Last Thursday we went to the first (free admission!) day of the county fair with our friends, the Nolans! The plan was that we would get together and take family pictures and then head to the fair, but a crazy turn of events kept that from happening. Anthony ended up being called in to work at the last minute and had to deal with police (!) while James and I waited and waited, hoping that we would get out of there in time before the sun went down. Unfortunately we had to reschedule our pictures for this week, but you will get a preview of James' outfit since we went straight to the fair after Anthony was done at work.

As soon as we got there, we checked out the livestock pavilion where we got to pet roosters, sheep, cows, and pigs that were going to be shown in competitions later in the fair. We explored a petting zoo where a deer tried to eat my shirt and we talked to the local bee club about the ins and outs of raising bees. They had an entire building dedicated to old motors and another building dedicated to model trains. I expected James to be really excited about the trains but we didn't get much of a reaction. I think he was a little overwhelmed :) Who could blame him? Once we made it to the midway with all the rides and food vendors, it was stimulus overload.

Summer got this picture of a vendor selling deep fried butter. We almost wanted to buy it just to see how they make it and what it looked like. Gross!!
Here is a picture of Anthony holding James. James wanted to be held a lot while we were there, probably because of all the noise and lights :)
As we were heading towards the exit we found a side section that had all these kid activities! It wasn't crowded at all and I was a little sad that we didn't notice it earlier before the sun went down. They had a bunch of tractor pedal cars, a place where kids can make their own scarecrow, milk a fake cow, saddle a fake horse, and dig in a pit of corn with different toy tractors. So much fun! James loved the pedal cars, as soon as we put him on one he started rocking back and forth really fast, urging the car to "Go, go go!"
Here is James with the Nolan's little boy, Layton. They were checking out the others' car :)
Yayy for the fair!!

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{leah} said...

Cute outfit! I love the fair. I grew up around them and I hope they have one around here because I think they are so great!!