Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekend Visit to Trenton & Thanksgiving

This past weekend Anthony took Saturday off of work and we headed to my mom's for the weekend. The last time we made the drive to visit them was for Easter, so it was definitely our turn! Anthony and I were excited to have a little mini vacation and a break from the routine. The drive really wasn't that bad. The last time we visited James was so much younger and had a much harder time with being in his car seat so I think that made us feel like it was a much longer trip than it actually was.

Saturday afternoon we met a family friend for lunch at a local restaurant and James was a little cranky. He has become unbearable in restaurants, mostly because I think he hates having to sit still. We realized while we were eating that it was probably the first time in at least 3 or 4 months that we had gone to a restaurant with him just for that reason. He decided that he didn't want to sit in his highchair, he wanted to stand in it so he can see over everything and everyone. I ate my food with one hand on him in case he lost his balance, but at least I got to eat my food and he wasn't screaming so I count that as a win!

Since the restaurant was so close to my mom's house we walked there and back with James in the stroller. Once we got home we put James down for a nap and once Anthony and I got comfy on the couch we were out! My brother took a picture of us:
It was the best nap ever!! Seriously. I am going to have daydreams about that nap. It was so relaxing, I didn't have anything else that I should have been doing since I wasn't at home, James was sleeping so it felt like I didn't have anything pulling at me: no one needing my attention, no housework, bills, or anything else to be caught up on. I felt so refreshed afterwards, I kept thinking, "This feels so good!". I guess when you are tired so much, it is amazing to feel genuinely well rested. Now it has got me thinking about taking vacations that are just about catching up on sleep...mmmm...doesn't that sound glorious? :)

This year was our second time hosting Thanksgiving and it was a blast! The turkey turned out great and no mishaps with the brining or finding mysteriously missing giblets/neck like last time.

The turkey had a little bald spot where Anthony snuck a piece of skin :)
 Here is everyone sitting around and visiting. Anthony and his brother-in-law Michael were in the garage talking boats :)
 The feast is served!
 James had gotten up from his nap right before we sat down to eat, so he wasn't very interested in eating. He was still a little overwhelmed with all of the people in the house since they weren't there when he went to sleep! He kept pointing at things on the table like he wanted something to eat but when I tried to give him some he would instantly try to throw it on the floor...we are having some rebellion/independence issues right now :) He wants things, but he doesn't want me to give them to him. Somehow he wants them to appear on their own I guess.
 He started playing with a spray bottle I use to clean him and his tray after meals. He has pretty good aim with that thing!
 After dinner, we had a birthday cake ready to celebrate Anthony's mom's birthday next week. I didn't have any regular candles, just a bunch of random numbers so we decided to put all of the numbers on her cake as a joke. It was so funny!

 She loved the cake!
 Then she realized how old her cake said she was...
 Here she is blowing out her candles with Dallas' help:
 James observing it all:
 He loves blowing out candles, but he doesn't know how to really blow air yet. He just makes a "shhew" blowing sound and looks at the candle expectantly. I realized where he got yesterday when I watched Anthony let him blow out a fragrance candle I had burning. Anthony leaned him over to the candle and right as James went "shhew", Anthony blew air from behind him so the candle would go out. James totally thinks that is was all him! :)

Thanksgiving 2012 was great, I'm glad that everyone could come and I can't wait to do it again for Christmas!

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