Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Camera & Bathtime

At the beginning of the month Anthony and I researched and researched and decided to buy a new camera. Our last camera we bought, I think before we got married, so it was a good 7 years old and I wasn't happy with how it was working. I wanted to get a camera that would take good pictures and was easy to use, but would also be easy to put in my pocket and carry around. Since I don't have a good camera on my phone, I feel like I lose out on taking a lot of pictures because it is so inconvenient to lug our big camera and camera case around. We bought the camera on amazon after trying it out at target and after it arrived we started playing around with it. We hated it! It took forevvvvvvver to focus and take a picture, it was so delayed that we would lose out on most of the pictures we wanted to take because James is so squirmy. Plus, if you don't stand completely still for a long time, the picture comes out blurry. We played around with the different settings, but nothings seemed to make a difference. I went back to target to check out their display camera, and it seemed much better so we were thinking we got a defective camera and decided to send it back.

However, I was still unhappy with how big the camera much and how much stuff/options it had. It was too confusing! I think it was just too much camera for us. I definitely couldn't fit it in my pocket or the diaper bag so we were back to the same problem of missing out on pictures because we didn't want to carry it around. I convinced Anthony to go and try out the simpler point and shoots and I absolutely feel in love with one of them. Plus, it was less than half the price we paid for the one we just returned! We tried it out after we brought it home and got these pictures of bath time with our cutie:

James has learned that he can put his fingers up his nose and he thinks it is so funny! I have to say, we do too :)

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Happy said...

It looks like you scored on a good camera- those pictures look great!! I hate my camera phone pictures unless I'm outside and would love a tiny point and shoot to always have with me! But that darn cell phone is just so handy and always with me, so that's how most of our pictures are taken these days!
James is such a doll baby and seems like such a happy boy!!