Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthday Bonfire at the Beach

A few weeks ago we went to James' buddy Layton's first birthday party at the beach! It was such a cute idea, it started right around sunset and after it got nice and dark we roasted hot dogs and smores over the fire. Of course, James was more interested in the wagon full of fire wood than he was the fires, but what can you do? That boy is obsessed with anything with wheels.
It got really, really dark once you walked away from the fire so there were a few "oh no!" moments when James wandered away and I had no idea where he was. Next time we are definitely bringing those glow in the dark necklaces so we can see him!

Here is Anthony and James watching a group of people play football:

 Love those cheeks!

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Happy said...

What a fun idea for a birthday party! Sounds like fun! We love roasting marshmellows in our little fire pit in our backyard. I never thought about it being so dark on the beach that you could lose a kid, but yeah, it does get super dark out there, doesn't it?! I bet that made your heart stop for a second!