Monday, November 19, 2012

Trunk and Treat and Halloween Day

I'm finally getting around to blogging about the last of our Halloween festivities! First was the ward trunk and treat. James was the cutest cow alive and I was a farmer. Anthony was supposed to be a farmer too, but they moved the starting time to right after he would get off of work so he didn't have time to dress up.

Here he is checking out some one's real live "toto" for their Dorothy costume:

The ward went all out this year and had a bouncy house and hay rides around the parking lot.

They had a really cute game called "whack a priest". They had a large cut out where the priest quorum would take turns popping up throw holes and you try to whack them with foam noodles. It was the most popular game! I think they loved it more than the bouncy house, can you believe it?

Here we are on the hay ride. James a little overwhelmed :)

I thought that the outtake to the above pictures was pretty funny so I had to add it :)
Halloween night we went downtown to trick or treat around the businesses. They had the entire street blocked off and it seemed like the place to be for little kids. There were so many people there! All the costumes were so adorable and everyone loved our little cow. We brought his car to push him around in and he loved it! It was perfect, he could see everything and still hold up his bucket for candy.
Here we are, both of us wearing our shades :)
After downtown, we stopped by publix to treat or treat around the store.
It was so funny, they would put down the candy bucket to let him choose and he would take as many handfuls as he can. He was so cute, they didn't mind :)
After that we headed home to have dinner. We didn't have very many trick or treaters come to our door, and James went to bed right on time so all in all not too crazy of a Halloween, but still very fun!

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