Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trick or Treating: You're doing it right

Today we caught James with his Halloween bucket, going trick or treating in our own candy basket, full of candy ready to give out tomorrow. I think he has figured out the easiest way to get candy on Halloween...never leave home!

Filling up the basket:

 Look, now it's full!
 We told him to show daddy his basket and he held it right up for him. He mastered holding his basket out for candy at the ward trunk and treat, it was so cute!
 He decided that it was more fun putting the candy into the basket then actually having it in there, so he dumped it all out on the floor so he could do it again.

 And again :)
I realized after looking at the pictures that he is wearing a wonderful ensemble of a t-shirt, no pants (we had to take off since they got soaked at home depot when he insisted on riding in a wet car-cart), ninja leggings which he always points at the ninjas and says "Kitty!", and sock/shoes. Oh well, at least he had clothes on right? :)

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