Sunday, October 7, 2012

Terrible Twos?

We have had a tantrum/crying/angry baby week over here this week which has got me wondering if maybe James is starting the terrible twos early...I am kind of at a loss as to why he is acting so differently, but it is like he is another child! Where did my sweet baby go? He has also been more clingy than normal (at least for him, since he is not a cuddler at all it has just been more time in our laps than usual really) so maybe his teeth are still bothering him? Who knows. Fact is, I've had to reaaaaally try to have patience with him this week. I've also tried to make sure that we get out of the house more since that seems to distract him a little bit from whatever is bothering him.

He has thrown some pretty spectacular tantrums recently but I am trying to not react to them and show him love and attention at other times. He seems to be trying to say a lot more things but they are still really hard to understand, so that could be frustrating him too. I've started to have to interpret some things for Anthony since a lot of the words he has for things sound nothing like it. For example, "Nee" is train or plane depending on where he is pointing :) Don't ask me how he got that one. It is really cute, he has been yelling, "Mommy, aoook! (look)" until I respond or turn around and then in a normal voice he starts babbling and pointing and explaining something, most of which I can't understand. But I always act like he just told me something really important, because to him I imagine it is :)

On Tuesday I took him to the free admission day at the children's museum which I haven't been to in awhile. The last few times I went it was during the summer when school is out and there were soo many kids there it was hot and crowded and James didn't seem to have that much fun. This time was much different! We went early in the morning and there were only one or two other families there. James got to play with anything and everything he wanted to. Although once he found this, it was the only thing he wanted to play with the entire time :) You sit at these controls and fly a large model airplane that is in front of you, which moves and turns its engines on and off as you steer and press the buttons. He was in heaven!
 He wasn't too sure about having a co-pilot:

He refused to look at me for a picture, he was in the zone!

One night this week Anthony took out a laser pointer to show James how Bitsy would chase it and we couldn't get over James' reaction! He laughed and squealed and giggled and then he got down on all fours and chased the light around on the floor and tried to get it with his mouth, just like the dogs! We attempted to video it with our regular camera since the camcorder needed to charge, but the video turned out so bad we need to try it again soon! It was youtube worthy, it was that good!

*Update* Here is the video!

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Happy said...

Ahh yes, I remember that change in Teya and Dallin. Of course Teya's became much more extreme than most kids (!) but Dallin's terrible two's never got too terrible. It's pretty shocking to see your little sweetheart like that though, isn't it?!
Have I mentioned how cute James is?!?!?