Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Boo at the Zoo

A couple of weeks ago we made the drive down to the Brevard Zoo for their Boo at the Zoo celebration! I was hoping that more of the animals would be out so it could be a zoo/Halloween trip but unfortunately most of the animals were put away or hiding. Oh well, it was still really fun!
They had an outside games area for the little kids that had this awesome bubble machine. James was dying to go up to it and investigate how it works
Playing with the hulu hoops:

Here we are trying to get the hang of the ring toss. He was really unsure about it, but I think he remembered something about it because when we tried to get him to play the ring toss at the Library's fall festival last week he did really well with it

Looking for some giraffes:
Trick or treat!

We got to ride the ghoul train and since James is obsessed with trains right now, he was so happy! He kept looking and looking and looking around, like he couldn't get enough of everything.

The train had to stop for some passing ostriches. Cool!

We had a blast, but we were glad to leave when it was over. It was pretty crowded and was really close to James' bedtime so he had a meltdown in the car on the hour ride drive back. Still, small price to pay for Halloween fun!

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