Monday, December 20, 2010

Pregnancy Journal: 30 Weeks

I feel like someone has sprinkled miracle grow over my stomach! I am starting to feel big, although everyone still tells me that I don't look that big (which I appreciate and don't mind hearing!). All of the little day to day things that I never used to think about are starting to get...difficult. Things like bending over to pick up something off of the floor, for example. I used to just reach down and grab it up. Now, I take a deep breath and usually say something like "Dang it!!", like something really horrible happened, then I look for something to hold on to and then I squat down and pick it up as quickly as I can, but I usually still feel like I did it in slow-mo.

Speaking of slow-mo, I definitely am starting to feel sluggish. All I want to do is lay around and not move. Just thinking about small things (getting out of bed, walking to the bathroom, walking to the kitchen. etc...) can make me exhausted. Unfortunately, laying around still isn't the most comfortable thing in the world. On the bright side, I figured out how to sleep without getting bad back pain and hip pain!! I realized that not having enough support for my lower back was the culprit and as soon as I added another pillow underneath my back to my growing pillow nest I have been sleeping really well.

Funny pregnancy story: A couple of nights ago, the baby was really active, even more so than usual. I remember thinking he must be trying to do somersaults or something in there! I'm so used to it, that after adjusting myself in bed I went right to sleep. Anthony usually has his hand on my belly when we go to sleep and apparently after I feel asleep the baby was moving like crazy! Anthony was amazed at what was happening and thought it was so fascinating that he couldn't get to sleep because he wanted to see what the little guy would do next. Anthony told me later that he still can't believe that I slept through it :)

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