Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pregnancy Journal: 28 weeks

You get a two for one in this picture: a picture of my 28 1/2 weeks belly and a small sample of one of our new bathrooms in our new apartment! Isn't it big?? :)

I had my 28 week doctor's appointment yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised. I feel like my belly has grown so much in the past month that I was certain that I put on a lot of weight! Luckily, I only gained a few pounds so I feel very relieved and I feel much better about the upcoming holidays (since I know I will be eating A LOT of yummy food).

The heartburn has been getting better. I think it is a combination of changing my eating habits and the baby shifting a little lower and taking some pressure off of my stomach. I definitely feel like I have gotten some more eating room in there recently :) Of course, with the heartburn easing up comes a new pain: horrible pain in my hips and lower back at the end of the day and when I lay down. I've been trying out different stretches and sleeping positions to find what works and it has gotten a little bit better. I must say, sleeping has become a very complicated process. I have a wedge pillow that goes under my torso to keep me elevated for the heartburn, a regular pillow on top of that, a pillow between my knees, and a pillow in front of me to hug and rest my belly on. I really need to get a body pillow, but the super walmart near our new place doesn't have one! Any suggestions on where to get one would be greatly appreciated :)


T. Driaza said...

I haven't told you yet, but your are adorable with a baby bump. Pablo & I are so excited for you both. Glad you were able to find a safer place quickly!

Lindsey and Bryan said...

Oh man! I'm sorry you've been feeling so uncomfortable! I really loved my body pillow and prenatal yoga helped my back a lot. I think I got my body pillow at Target, but I've seen them at Sears too. I hope you find one soon!