Monday, August 18, 2008

I am getting good at this!

My shopping trip today was amazing, as usual and I got a lot of good deals. I've decided to count all of the virtues of my coupon hobby: it builds math skills, teaches frugality and economy, makes me practice asserting myself (telling a disgruntled cashier, "I know this is on sale/coupon is good. Please check so I can decide if I am going to still buy it.", and it is getting me into doing my food storage.

I was telling my parents just the other day how grocery shopping this way just lends itself to building up a food storage because the whole idea is to stockpile things that are on sale that your family uses so that eventually you only go to the store to stockpile more sales and the few things you need to buy fresh. So I've been working on my food storage these past few weeks, and I can't lie I've been excited that there are more things for me to hunt out deals on.

Today I stayed right on target for my budget and I even did a little better. I am budgeting $50 a week for groceries (we used to spend at least $100) and $10 a week for food storage items. Today I spent $58.55 on all of this and I finally earned $30 in JCpenney gift cards as part of a Publix promotion that has been going on all August.

I ended up saving $97.49, which is actually more than I made by working all day today. Does that mean I can call in to work tomorrow? :)


Rachel G said...

Wow you ARE getting good! You saved 62%! I only bought a few things at publix this week, I spent 21.30 and saved 27.82, which is about 56%.

I was going to ask you, is the $50 a week including things like shampoo, cleanings supplies, etc., or is that just for food?

Phambabe said...

Hehe, I wish it worked like that! That is very cool, I need to buy more shelves/pantry space because I am running out of room for the stuff I have stockpiled.