Thursday, August 28, 2008

Albertsons Sale

For all of you who live in Gainesville:

The Albertson's on Archer road is going out of business and is having their final 3 days of sales before they officially close. Right now everything in the store is 50% off and let me tell you, the inventory is going fast! Makeup, fragrances, and other items like medicine are 70% off. They are still taking manufacturer coupons, just not albertson's or comptetitor coupons. There is still a lot of canned goods, cereal, toys for kids, gator stuff, and baby stuff (especially formula and that stuff is expensive!!!) and I don't know if they are going to lower prices even more tomorrow or the day after. It is definitely a good time to stock up on some things, and you could probably make out like a bandit if you use coupons. I went there today without my coupons after I got out of class and saved close to $50!!

Just thought I would let you know because I have definitely been wondering if it was worth it to go these last couple of weeks.

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