Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Day of School

Anthony and I came home from Tampa today after his first day of Grad school! We drove there together last night and had time to explore the town and figure out how to get to campus. We stayed in a pretty sketchy motel, because it was one I booked when I thought Ant would have to stay there once a week for the entire semester so I was looking for the cheapest place possible. We still had a good time though and we spent the whole night watching movies on the laptop :)

This afternoon was the coolest! We got to the campus around 11:00 and had to literally hunt for a parking space. One good thing about the USF campus is how well labeled everything is! Each building has a large label at the top of what college it is and there are multiple direction signs to the different buildings as you drive around. We finally found a spot near the Health Science building and walked to the bookstore. Ant's books weren't too expensive, so that was a plus. I really wanted him to get a USF t-shirt but he didn't want to get one unless it had ARNP or graduate school on it. I guess I can understand that :) We found his classroom, ate lunch and then I read and cross-stitched for three hours until his class got out. He really liked his teacher and he thinks that the class is going to be good, which is a relief for both of us.

It was fun exploring around Tampa because all I could think about was, "Wow, I am going to be living here in 9 months". It was kind of intimidating because the city is HUGE compared to Gainesville. I kept looking at apartment complexes around USF and trying to remember their names so I could look them up later. Another cool thing is that I am thinking about doing my 2nd practicum at the Moffit Cancer Center, counseling cancer patients and their families and the center is literally feet away from where Anthony has classes. With our new schedules this semester and the possibility of doing that next summer, I hope we are going to be able to handle all of this new togetherness!

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grandpaandmimi said...

WOW you tired me out just reading your busy schedule! Good luck I know you guys can do anything you want because you're the "SMART ONES"!!!!!!