Monday, August 25, 2008

Here we go again

Today was the beginning of a new semester for me and a new program for Anthony. I was a little bit nervous going to school today because my classes were going to be with completely new people. I started my program out of sequence, so for the last two semesters I had class with all of the people who started last fall. This fall is the start of a new group of students and it felt a little bit like the first day of grade school. The classes are so small and you take so many with the same people that it isn't like a lot of college classes where you blend into the group of 100. We did get-to-know-you activities and it was pretty fun. It felt good to be the one with the most grad school experience in the class :)

Anthony's classes officially started today, but he doesn't have to drive down to Tampa until Wednesday. After a lot of consideration and reviewing his classes syllabuses (syllabi?) and seeing the intense amount of work involved with the classes he decided to start out part-time, which really means that he is taking two classes instead of three. He had talked to me about starting out part-time awhile ago, but I thought it was just nerves about being in grad school when he has been out of school for so long. (Taking undergrad classes online is still school, but just doesn't require as much from you as far as time and effort). After I actually looked at what his classes would be like, I realized his concerns were pretty valid and we decided that he would start out part-time and see how it goes. Even if he stays part-time the entire program, it still would only take two years and in the grand scheme of things that extra year isn't worth all of the stress and hassle and the possiblity of failing (which for USF nursing is less than 82%!!!).

My internship has been going pretty good so far. I've definitely learned ALOT in the short time that I have been there, and I've received a lot of good feedback from my supervisor and the clients that I'm pretty good for a newbie:) It has been hard being in an environment that is so intense and dealing with situations that are SO complicated that you are at a loss for words. However, I knew going in there that since I have pretty much zero experience working with substance abuse that there was going to be a certain amount of growing pains as I navigated the territory. I can say one thing, when I leave there next May there is going to be absolutely NOTHING that anyone can say to me that will surprise or shock me :)

Well, I'm off to the gym. TTFN

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Good luck to both of you!!