Friday, May 30, 2008

Fun at the Beach

Anthony and I decided to use one of my rare Fridays off of work to spend the day at the beach! This was Brownie's first time at the beach and she loved it. Her favorite was running through the shallow water, but only if I was running with her. Bitsy of course is not very fond of the water, especially water that attacks you (waves) but she loved digging holes in the dirt and eating sand fleas that Anthony caught for them. It was really fun walking along the beach and laying out on the sand. On a funny note, the tide came in REALLY fast and we weren't paying attention. Suddenly, a huge wave crashed over us, all of our stuff, and the dogs as we were laying down enjoying the breeze. Luckily, Anthony saved my purse :) We took some pictures, but since Anthony was the photographer, they are only of me and the dogs.

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Phambabe said...

So cute! I miss the beach :( We are trying to figure out how to get down there this fall, but traveling with two kids is ridic. I will have to live vicariously!