Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dogwood Park

Last week, Anthony and I took Brownie and Bitsy to check out a local dogpark. We've been putting it off for awhile since I had heard that their monthly rates were pretty expensive. It turned out to be such a blast!!! The park has around 15 acres of land with two different ponds and multiple segregated areas (small dog/dry, small dog/wet, etc...) so if you don't feel like dealing with a muddy wet dog that day, you just go to a different area in the park. Here is a picture of our favorite pond there:

The dogs loved it so much that we decided to join. We even got a discounted rate for just going on weekdays (I always have to work on the weekends). We've gone several times since and it has really improved the dogs' behavior because they are so tired out afterwards, that they don't have the energy to get on my nerves! Anthony went fishing today, so I loaded them in the car and took them myself. It was so nice to sit in the shade, read a book, and just let them explore. Here are some pictures from today:

This is a basset hound called Bonita that LOVES Brownie and was trying to play with her for at least 30 minutes

Bitsy is still terrified of the water, but Brownie loves it! She won't fetch to save her life on the grass but she will fetch pine cones and sticks from the pond for hours on end.

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Phambabe said...

Downside of being in a small town, no dog parks :(. But it looks like so much fun! I know my chihuahuas would love that. Cute pictures!