Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Wheels

Anthony and I have been debating for awhile over whether or not we should replace our Honda Civic with a minivan. I love the civic and the gas mileage but it can get to be a tight squeeze as Rett gets bigger. Any kind of traveling can be difficult too with fitting all of the stuff in, especially since we always have to make room for all of the fishing stuff :) We've had to do some minor repair work on the civic more frequently, it seems like, which made us think that it was time. It has served us well for five years, but we decided it was time to move on!

Since we weren't in a rush, we have been checking around craigslist and autotrader to see what was out there. It got a little disheartening! We had a budget we wanted to stick to and we just couldn't seem to find what we wanted in our price range. If we did find something, by the time we called or emailed about it, it would be sold already. I tried to keep telling myself that if it is supposed to work out, it will. And it totally did!

Memorial day Anthony had off of work, so he got up early to go fishing with his Dad. I got up in the morning and checked craigslist just to see if there was anything new. Right away I saw a new post, not even an hour old. It was perfect! It had amazing miles, a good price, and it was only in Orlando a short drive away. I am a totally chicken when it comes to calling people about stuff like that, so I decided to wait for Anthony to come home to call the guy about it. All morning I kept thinking about that van and getting this anxious/excited feeling in my stomach that we needed to call the guy about soon. I just knew that someone was going to snap it up before we could get to it!

A few hours later I got a hold of Anthony and told him about the van. He came home early from fishing and gave the guy a call. He was really nice and friendly and he told Anthony that he already had two people come buy to look at the car. However, since he was selling it for his elderly father-in-law the title wasn't in his name, so he couldn't officially sell it until the next day when he could go to the dmv and get the title changed to his name (Memorial day so dmv was closed). He was asking for a small deposit to hold the car if you wanted to buy it and the first two people didn't have cash on hand for a deposit, so we were next in line! We decided to all jump in the car and drive over to see it and *hopefully* put a deposit down to buy it if everything checked out. When we got there, he showed us everything about the car, we test drove it and we were sold! He was really nice and he said he was glad he got to sell it to a nice family. We were glad too!

It is a 2004 Honda Odyssey with only 71,000  miles on it. We paid a little less than what we budgeted for it, so I am a happy camper! Anthony's parents helped him pick it up yesterday, so today was my first day driving around in it. I am still getting used to where everything is and how it all works, but I am loving all the room we have! It is weird to not have everyone all on top of each other when we are in the car. Some space between the boys isn't bad either :)

James has been telling everyone we meet about "our new minivan with magic doors" (since it has the automatic power doors). It has definitely been the talk of our house this past week. We are officially a minivan family now!

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Happy said...

Oh my gosh, you guys are probably loving it!!! We LOVED our Odessey!!! For reals, I always said I loved it more than my new house. Aren't the automatic doors a life saver?! How do you like having a tv screen in there? It saves us all on long drives. Since Jared got his new truck though, we didn't need 3 cars and since our old van is paid off, we are selling our Odessey. It's a bummer, I'll miss it!!!