Saturday, May 23, 2015


I have been crafting up a storm lately! My sewing machine is getting quite the workout. I decided to try out making little boy bow ties for fun and I loved it so much I decided to start selling them online! I have been having fun testing out different things I like or don't like, perfecting the sizing and the features. Rett and James have been my little models and now they both wear bow ties to church all the time. James has refused to wear any kind of tie to church for awhile now, but he agreed to wear a bow tie if I made him a green one. I think he tolerates it because it goes around the outside of his shirt instead of a clip on that touches the front of his neck.

 I haven't officially put these online yet, I am working on building up an inventory before I start selling. I am having fun picking out different fabrics, though! I definitely bought a lot of Gator material for Gator bow ties :)

I decided that I couldn't leave little girls out, so I decided to add a headband option. They are so stinkin' cute!

Since I don't have a little girl to try the headbands on, I improvised on the boys. Anthony said he was surprised how much more Rett looks like a girl with the headband on. I think the curls help :)

James didn't want to be left out, so he had to try it on too. Such a pretty boy :)

A friend from church came over for a play date so that we could do some sewing. She made a felt quiet book for her daughter, but she wanted the pages to be back to back. We decided to sew the pages together and I had fun showing her how the sewing machine works and she even did the last page all by herself! It looked so cute, it made me want to do one for the boys.

It has been about a month since we started cloth diapering Rett and it has been going really well! We've got our washing and folding routine down, and it gave me an excuse to make a few wet bags (zipper pouches with waterproof lining) for the diaper bag since we take diapers home to wash them instead of throwing them out.

Another friend from church invited the boys to her son's 3 year superhero party. I offered to make capes for everyone, thinking about sewing something quickly. She said she would love it, but that there might be 25-30 kids there! Luckily, I found a tutorial online for making capes out of plastic tablecloths that you get from the dollar store. It takes no sewing and almost no time, just tape, elastic, printed superhero logos, and the tablecloths. They turned out so cute and the kids at the party loved them! We ended up with a lot left over so we have a bunch for dress up now.

It has been fun finding creative things to do!

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Happy said...

WOW, very impressive!!! You are really good, these look completely professionally done. Something about the sewing machine really intimidates me- I think it's the fact that it stops working correctly any time I use it. I feel like I need someone around who knows what they are doing if I ever go to use it. See, so many reasons why we should be living by you guys! So funny about the boys wearing the headbands- what cuties!