Friday, June 5, 2015

Beginning of June

 I am still getting used to driving around the minivan, so we have been sticking closer to home lately. It takes me awhile to get used to a new car, and parking is definitely trickier with the van.  I just found where the button is to open the gas cap today, so every day I learn something new! It is so nice to have keyless entry again, not to mention being able to open the doors with the remote. The keyless entry to the Civic broke a long time ago, so I had to unlock the doors with the button on the driver's side, then I had to physically reach in and unlock the back passenger door because something made it relock when you tried to open it. Not easy when you have two crazy boys running around and you are trying to herd them into the car. The van doesn't have a dvd player installed, so we are planning on hooking up a tablet on each of the boy's seats for our trip to the keys this summer. We are going to be so comfortable on this trip!

The city has been doing some construction on one of the roads and leveled out this big hill that James loves to drive over. We usually try to go a little faster over it and everyone says, "Wheeee!". They just finished leveling it out and James is not a fan. Every time we drive on that road and we get to where the bump used to be, James talks about how he doesn't like it. Yesterday we were driving down it and James said, "I don't like that they took the bump away!! I need to tell them (the construction workers) that, but are they there? No they are not!!"

James has a slight hoarding problem. I don't know if it is normal and if all kids do this, but James hates to throw anything away. Broken toys, candy wrappers, you name it. Stuff that I wouldn't think anyone would care about, he will dig out of the trash and get really mad at you for throwing it away. He also likes to save things like candy or treats and just have them for long periods of time without eating them. A teacher in primary brought all the kids these gummy lollipops that have four or five gummies on a stick. James ate Rett's and then wanted to save his for later. Anthony wanted some, so later that day during naptime he ate two of them. Oh. my. word. Disaster. James was so upset, he walked around saying, "Who did this?? Who ate some of my lollipop??" When he found out it was Anthony, for days he would randomly say, "I don't like that Daddy ate some of my lollipop. That was bad!" He put what was left of the lollipop on top of his dresser and it stayed there for weeks. That is until a few days ago....

Rett was being really quiet after bathtime, so we called his name to get him to come into the living room. He walked in eating James' gummy lollipop!! He looked so happy eating that thing and was so pleased with himself for finding it, that I didn't have the heart to take it away from him (especially since James ate his). James was still in the bathtub and didn't see it, so we let him finish it and then hid the evidence. So far James hasn't noticed that it is missing. Whew!

Rett has started to become ipad/device obsessed. If someone is on one, he will come and try to take over it. If you don't let him, he cries and throws himself on the floor and pitches the biggest fit! He has taught himself how to get to the different apps he likes and he will sit there for the longest time playing with it. We might need to do an electronics intervention for him in the near future :)

The pool at the YMCA is officially open for the summer. Even though we love the beach, the pool is so much cleaner, easier, and closer for us to go to. If I plan enough ahead of time, I like to bring our swim stuff when I go to my exercise class and then afterwards we play in the pool. I used to think Rett didn't like the water because he never wanted to play in the shallow kid area. I realized that what he really wants to do is for me to take him into the deep water and catch him as he throws himself off the side of the pool! After I did that the first time, he wouldn't stop, he wanted to do it over and over and over. He is almost too brave and will just fall in without looking to make sure I am ready to catch him.

One of the benefits of school being out for the summer is that now there are a lot more kids at the pool to play with, so usually James is occupied while I keep my hands on Rett. It will be fun to see if Rett is more willing to learn how to swim than James was. I certainly hope so!

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Happy said...

Glad you're enjoying the van! We just sold our Odyssey and I'm really going to miss it. When our Venture dies someday, we'll definitely have to replace it with another Odyssey. The candy thing is funny! Teya is the same way with hording. Surprisingly, Dallin and Nolan aren't as bad. Teya doesn't want to get rid of any toys even if she's outgrown them, wants to keep every single paper she's ever written on, etc. So I sneak in her room once in a while and take a huge pile of papers out of the folder where she keeps them and throw them away once in a while. The pool sounds fun! I wish there were more pools around here that we could use for free like in FL! You have to pay for them all b/c hardly anyone has their own pool and hotel pools are indoors. So we hardly ever go swimming- I don't know if my kids will ever learn to swim comfortably on their own!!