Friday, February 6, 2015

Catch up

I want to catch up on the past few weeks before I do a post about James' 4th birthday. Can you believe our baby is 4??

Anthony's seahorse had another batch of babies! He took his sweet time having them over the course of a few days, so we had a lot of advance warning. We actually got to see the moment when he pushed the majority of them out and it was so cool! The seahorse swam around and around until he finally chose a spot and then clouds of babies came out of him. Anthony took a picture of them all after he got them out of the big tank and we counted 521 of them. Now, two weeks later, there are only seven left, but hopefully at least one of them will survive until adulthood.

One night we were playing with some stick-on mustaches and James had a blast! We all took turns wearing them and taking pictures. 

The boys still take a bath together every night, but it is getting kind of crowded in there as they both get bigger. Rett usually loses his patience with getting splashed and his toys taken away and wants to get out after about five minutes. One evening they were actually playing together and having fun, so I tried to get a picture. By the time I got my phone ready, Rett was crying because James had splashed him in the face. Oh well :)

A few months ago we had plans to visit Anthony's parents for dinner one Sunday evening. I wasn't feeling well, so Anthony took James with him so I could rest. He had a blast! Anthony's mom took him to play on the swings and look at the water. I was so proud of him for behaving so well.

Rett has never seemed very interested in reading books whenever I read with James, but lately he has decided that he loves it! He will grab a book, bring it to me, sit down and wait for me to start. His favorite book, hands down, is a board book that I used to read to James over and over called "Peek a who". He loves it so much, he even brought it over to give to me during family prayer one night and hit me in the nose with it! I looked up in surprise and he was sitting patiently waiting for me to start reading. We've read it so much that James has it memorized and volunteered to read it for Rett. It was so sweet!

Rett has started talking so much more. He brings us things and says, "here go". He answers questions with "yeah" or "uh uh" and we think we heard him say "bye". He mimics everything, so if James growls at him, he will growl back and they will get into growling matches. :) He also has started blowing us kisses and it is so adorable! We love our growing munchkin!

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