Monday, February 16, 2015

February Fun

Even though it was cold and overcast, we decided to go play at the beach one morning. James really wanted to test out his new beach shovel and we got to work digging the biggest hole we could!
 Eventually it got so deep that James couldn't get out of it without help.
 After digging the hole, it was time to fill it back in:

Rett was having fun walking around, but he got too close to the waves and after he got wet he was a little cranky. He loved playing in the sand though!

Our strawberry plants are growing some big strawberries! It looks like we are going to have a lot of them this year. Anthony even built a screen cover for them to keep the animals from nibbling on them before we can pick them. James loves to eat the strawberries that we grow, but he doesn't usually eat the ones from the grocery store. Go figure!

James had a little valentine play date with some friends from church, so he helped me make these superhero valentines for them. Rett got really upset while we were making these because he was dying for a tootsie roll pop. He gets so mad when he can't have what everyone else is having!

The boys were actually playing nicely together without pushing, shoving, or taking each other's toys so I tried to get a picture of it. They were jumping on the mini trampoline and every time Rett would fall down, James would purposefully fall down with him. Then they would laugh and laugh and laugh!

 Look at my big boy!

Rett has become such a climber! He climbs up on chairs, couches, anything he can get his hands on. Thankfully he hasn't tried to climb out of his crib yet! I took a picture of him trying to get one of the light switches above the couch. He climbed onto the couch and then up the back of the couch all by himself!

Finding little boy dress shoes has got to be the hardest thing in the world! Well, to be fair, finding little boy dress shoes that are less than $25 is the hardest thing to do. If I didn't mind spending that much, then I could just go and get them at Payless. However, trying to find them on sale at any other type of store is so hard! They either don't even carry them or they don't have small toddler sizes. I've tried buying a few pairs for Rett online and each time I can't even fit his toes in the shoes. Somehow the shoes are meant for narrow, dainty footed little boys. And Rett is not one of those little boys. Do you see these rolls? He even has rolls on the top  of his foot. So for now he wears socks to church because we just cant find him dress shoes that fit!


Happy said...

I forgot to comment on this! Maybe that's b/c I was crying myself to sleep after seeing your beach pictures... :) Man I miss the beach!! I'm jealous of your strawberries! Once all of my kids are in school I'm committing myself to do a garden. Oh man, the climbing stage! So. Much. Work. But oh so cute! And those chubby feet!!! I'm dying!!!

Happy said...

Oh and I love the Valentine, good job!! I made those for Dallin's bday party back when he turned 4 but I didn't think about that for his Valentines! I'll have to keep that in mind for next year...