Wednesday, February 25, 2015

James' first talk in Primary!

James had his very first talk in primary on Sunday! I asked him a bunch of questions about the topic and used his answers to make his talk, so it mostly in his own words. We practiced a lot at home about using the microphone, but I still wasn't sure how it was going to go ;) Luckily, once he decided where he wanted to stand, he got into his groove. We were all so proud of him! Here is the video of it:

He had quite the cheering section, my mom was visiting so she got to see it and Anthony's parents drove up to go to church with us just to be there. He is one well-loved little boy!

I'm trying to be more consistent about getting James to do chores everyday. I made a chore chart for him where he can move pictures of his chores over to a "completed" section once he does them. Every day he does all of his chores, he gets a small coin to add to his piggy bank. He generally doesn't mind doing his chores, but some days he needs extra encouragement. One morning he said he needed to be in his transformers costume before he could do his chores. Once he put it on, he did everything really fast, "like a superhero", so it actually helped!

Anthony's parents visited us on their way back home from a weekend trip with James' cousins. James loooooves to play with his cousins and he looooves Mimi and Papa's RV, so he was one happy little boy to play with them all.

James just got over a persistent cough that he had for at least two weeks. He seemed fine in every other way, but the coughing sounded so terrible! On top of that, James has the most sensitive gag reflex, so a bad coughing fit would often lead to vomit. Not fun! I tried to limit our outings and stay home as much as possible with his cough, but after awhile we both were getting restless and grumpy. I decided that we needed to do something fun to get us out of our funk, so we decided to visit the sea turtles at the marine science center and play at the park by the lighthouse (his cough was mostly gone by then). It was a beautiful sunny day and we all had a blast! Rett is hard to chase around at these type of places and he won't stay in his stroller anymore, so it was hard to get many pictures. James did get to pet the sting rays and watch them get fed. We also saw them feed an octopus and we saw all the of the sea turtles that are there for rehab.

The playground outside of the lighthouse had a lot of fun equipment, including a seesaw. They both loved it!

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Happy said...

So funny, I saw your park pictures and felt jealous and thought, "Oh man, of course they can go to the park right now, it's probably super warm there!" But seeing that they are wearing jackets makes me feel a little bit better!! Actually, it's hasn't been horribly cold here and was "cooler park weather", so I shouldn't be so bitter, but dang, I just really hate the cold!
That's so funny about the costume and working faster. I'm totally going to suggest that to my boys, thanks James! I like the chore chart idea and moving the chores over, I'll have to try that with Nolan in the near future.
Fun about getting to see grandparents and cousins!
James did so good on his talk!! I was laughing pretty hard at the Darth Vader breathing at the beginning. And you're right, once he got into it, he was into it! He speaks so well! Wish we could have been there!